The Beauty of Life Contest Terms


  1. Submissions must feature the “the splendor, diversity, and/or beauty of life on Earth”. This may be interpreted however the user sees fit; all submissions that are reasonably related to such a topic will be permitted.
  2. All forms of art and photography are allowed, within reason. A higher grade (see below) may be given for exceptional creativity or uniqueness.
  3. You are not limited to bugs. Any form(s) of life can be featured.
  4. Low-effort and joke entries will be removed.
  5. You are responsible for saving your own work. The channel may be removed or hidden without notice after the event is completed.
  6. Plagiarism will result in disqualification from this event and all future events for up to 12 months.
  7. Submissions will close on May 31, 2022, at 12pm CST.


  1. You may not post more than one submission. If you would like to change your submission, you must delete your previous one.
  2. Your submission will be judged at The Bug Bin Administration’s best discretion via a reaction on your submission.
  3. The grade you receive is equivalent to the number of entries you will be given in the final selection.
  4. When the contest finishes, all entries will be added to (“the program”) and the program will select the winner.


  1. The winner chosen by the program first will receive one month of Discord Nitro and a $20 (USD) gift card of choice. The gift card will be sent virtually.
  2. The winner chosen by the program second will receive one month of Discord Nitro Classic.
  3. The price must be claimed within 7 days of the drawing, or it will be given to the next person in line.


  1. If you invite a user, and they post a submission before the deadline, you will be given 3 entries, even if you choose to not post a submission.
  2. The user must not be a current member of the server and must not have left the server less than 31 days prior to the start of the event.
  3. The maximum amount of users you can invite to be eligible for bonus entries is 3.

Visit #server-contest to get started! Happy May!

– The Bug Bin Administration